Hello Mornings! The Maximize Your Mornings Challenge: Week One

By September 30, 2010Create A Morning Routine

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The Maximize Your Mornings Challenge Is Here!

A note from Kat: My wonderful friend Michelle is leading the way in the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge. I’m SO excited about this. I know there are a lot of you who want to start a morning routine, but could use some help. Michelle to the rescue! I hope you’ll all join us … take it away Michelle….

And So It Begins…

It’s time to start maximizing our mornings together! Everyone is welcome to participate. You can get caught up here if you’re hearing about it for the first time. Are you ready?

Did you print the Maximize Your Mornings ebook? (hint) We’ll be working through the steps together every Friday and putting it into practice during the week.

Take a minute to look through the eBook and familiarize yourself with it, if you haven’t. I have a deep love of page protectors, so I slid mine into a binder. You may find it useful to post the Progress Chart on your refrigerator and the Prayer Calendar with your Bible. Do whatever works for you!

If you want to add all the steps at once, great! We’ll be focusing on adding one new step each week.

Step 1: Get Out Of Bed!

For this week, our goal is simply to get out of bed! Everyday, when the alarm goes off, resist the urge to hit snooze and roll over. Let’s throw off those covers and say “Hello Morning!” together!

For some of you, the challenge is actually getting to bed. So for this first week, choose a bedtime and stick to it!

When Should I Wake Up?

There is an art to choosing a wake-up time. There is no magic number! First, think of what the ideal time would be to give you enough time for quiet time, exercise, and planning each day. Now compare that to the actual time you have been waking up. Choose a time in between as your first goal. It will be much easier to have success if you gradually push back your wake-up times. (You don’t have to be at your ideal time by the end of the month- just working toward it!)

When Should I Go to Bed?

This question was asked on Twitter, and the consensus was around 7.5 hours before you need to wake up. Do the math and give yourself a bedtime. I am convinced that this is the most important part of making a morning routine work! You may be able to keep later hours while waking up early for a few weeks, maybe longer. But eventually, it will catch up to you and you won’t be very pleasant to be around. Get enough sleep!

For yourself. For your family. For the rest of us!

Online Support

Don’t forget to follow along on Twitter for encouragement using #hellomornings. If you’re new to Twitter, follow Kat @inspired2action and myself @michellebygrace, and we’ll make sure you know some people there!

(Note from Kat: And if Twitter isn’t your thing, I’ve started a welcome message on our forum for everyone participating in the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge.)

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, 
and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3 NIV

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Action Steps

1. Print the eBook.

2. Leave a comment letting us know you’re on board!

3. Read pages 1-6 & page 20 of the eBook.

4. Find an accountability partner.

5. Set your alarm.

6. Get out of Bed!

Link Up!!

If you’d like to write about your progress on the challenge on your blog, please add your link here so we can all get to know one another better and cheer each other on!

Michelle’s a crazy-dancing, Jesus-loving, undomesticated transplant in Amish country. This teacher & eternal student enjoys biting off more than she can chew & sharing the juicy bits at So, I married a Mennonite…. When she’s not goofing around on Twitter, you can find her keeping stride with two lively boys & wondering where she put her phone.

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  • Avatar Jessica says:

    Alright…I’m on board! I’ve been so back-and-forth with my morning routine this pregnancy that it’s getting old. I need to work on my consistency!

  • Avatar Marie says:

    My children head back to school on Monday, after the Term 3 break. Term 4 is always busy and I know that I need to be super duper organized with the children, work and study, as well as my involvement in the school’s parent community. I know that I need to find time to sit quietly and pray so that I can achieve all that I have to, so, I will be joining in for the first time.

  • Avatar LeeAnn says:

    I have been resisting this for SO long now. My husband and I just had a conversation tonight about our lack of structure and consistency. And about how one thing – my not getting out of bed on time – totally affects his day…getting it off to a hap-hazard start and throwing off his schedule. He is a wonderful husband, taking care of our daughter in the mornings and making me breakfast before I leave for work. I really didn’t realize how my laziness and desire for 5 more minutes of sleep (okay…20 more minutes…) was completely throwing him off for the day. Time to DO SOMETHING about it!! My problem is I tend to not do anything if I don’t think I can do it 100% right away. This means that I end up just not doing anything instead of taking small steps in the right direction. I’m hoping this will be the perfect thing to encourage me to do just one thing – GET UP!! Looking forward to seeing how this series will positively change a variety of areas of our home life, marriage, and sanity.

  • Avatar Nicole says:

    I’m in! None of my local moms want to give this a go…so I’ll be checking in w twitter and the hubs will be my accountability partner 🙂 see u in the morning!

  • Avatar Amber says:

    I’m gonna try this again! I did the challenge when Michelle did it on her blog in August, but then was in Minnesota visiting my mom for the second half of the month and was sick, and well, it didn’t go very well. But I’m not gonna give up! So, here I am. 🙂 Thank you all for your support!

  • Avatar Joanna Kay says:

    I’m here! I’m ready to join!

    I don’t do twitter so should I just keep up with the forum? What’s plan b for me?

  • Avatar LaDonna says:

    I’m in. Again. August was the wrong timing, but I think my family and I am ready now, for me to be getting up regularly at the same time. I really wanna aim for 6 but right now 7 is more reasonable, to start.

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    Here we go…..I’m always up for a challenge…get it “up?” Hope I can get up. =p Anyhow, I missed it the first time around, but I really need to get myself used to this before any of the children go to Kindergarten. But really, I need to do this for myself because I’m tired of being tired. Thanks Michelle and Kat for doing this!

  • Avatar Christa says:

    I’m in. Though do we *have* to start with getting out of bed?! Whine. Whine. I was hoping to build up to that over the month. You know, spend a week reading the book, another week picking a Bible study, another week making a play list for worship and exercise, and then perhaps a week thinking about what time I should set my alarm clock for… You can see why I am excited to have some support in this. Thanks for doing this!

  • Avatar hollie says:

    okay! I’m on board… count me in.

  • Avatar Julia says:

    I’m on board! I got up extra early this morning to listen to the webinar (4 am where I live), but it was still not early enough, so even though I missed it, I had the best time in the Word and preparing for the day. This reminded me of how much I need to cultivate this habit, make it priority as daily routine in my life!

  • Avatar Tammy says:

    I’m in! I have been trying to establish a morning routine for a while, but have not been very consistent. My days are much more peaceful when I get up early, have time in the Word and time to plan my day. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!

  • Avatar Natalie says:

    I’m in… Good to be back in the saddle!

  • Avatar gladmama says:

    Alright, here I go…Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Avatar Michelle says:

    I’m in….. I’ve been trying to get up early enough for a quiet time and if possible time to look at my schedule for the day. Adding in exercise to the morning routine isn’t there yet. And the past 2 weeks I’ve been hit or miss in having my quiet time. Several things have come up causing me to have too many late nights and then I’m exhusted and sleep in the extra 30-40min. But I’m trying again and not giving up. Set backs will happen but I just keep moving forward. I’m the perfectionist type and learning to let those tendencies go. Getting more comfortable with baby steps and set backs – this is real life!

  • Avatar Karen says:

    I am on board. I feel so rushed in the morning getting the kids ready for school so I know this will be good for me. It has been difficult to have a routine since getting fibro because I never know how I will sleep or what pain I will be in but yesterday I heard a doctor say that this can help stress levels which has a lot to do with fibro so here I am!!! Now I just need to find an accountability partner! Thanks to both of you for doing this!

  • Avatar Jenna says:

    Count me in! I used to LOVE the early morning…until I had my baby last December. Ever since then, it’s been more challenging to wake up early. It’s not because he keeps me up, I have been blessed with a great sleeper, but hubby and I stay up way too late so I have been hanging onto that extra hr in the morning before the little guy wakes at 7. I have been having my quiet time at the start of his morning nap, but even so, i feel so behind the whole day! I always loved to start my day in the Word, but have let that go in the past 9 months. I know it’s not about what time you do it, but to me, I know I can and will get up if its worth it to me. I’ve also been slacking in the exercise dept- was relying on 2 walks a day with my son, but that isn’t consistent depending on the weather, etc… so that will be a great addition to the morning, too.

    So ready for this! 🙂

  • Avatar Christin says:

    I’m in! My greatest challenge is that I have a 5 week old, BUT, I am still a much happier (and prepared) mama if I get up before the kids – even if it’s only 15 minutes!

  • Avatar daniella says:

    At the risk of sounding like an incompetent mother and being judged for what I’m about to ask I will do so anyway: Is this first step still a good idea to attempt if my 12 month old is still not sleeping through the night, waking up to nurse a couple times? Yes, I’ve tried the cry-it-out method MULTIPLE times and it didn’t work with him. I feel like if I go to bed at 10 (because that’s when I finally finish dishes and setting up coffee machine for next morning) and wake up a couple of times before greeting the day at 5:30 would leave me more tired and agitated than if I slept an extra 1 1/2 hours. BUUUUUT, the couple times I was able to be up before the kids and do coffee & bible reading I noticed I was a MUCH more of a trophy mother rather than a drill sargent.

    So, what do you guys think? Wait till babe sleeps through the night or be crazy/controlling (in a good way 🙂 and wake up anyway? OR, do I negotiate and make a deal with God just like Abraham and say “If You get Davey to sleep through the night I will wake up every morning and dwell in your Word and kick it with You. Quid pro Quo, Dad (J/K on that part).”

    • Avatar Patti says:

      If our competence as mothers was judged on our childrens’ sleep patterns, I think pretty much all of us would be considered incompetent at some point or another! 🙂 I really don’t think that is what God is looking at as He looks tenderly at your life.

      I’ve found life is more pleasant for everyone if I just go with the flow on my children’s sleep schedules. Daniella, I think the main question to ask your self is “What is my goal?” If it is to get up at a certain time and do x, y and z without children, you may find it tough. If it is to have a quiet time and be a more peaceful mother, I believe God can show you how that looks for your family, at this particular time in your family’s life. There have been times when I have taken a 10 minute nap every afternoon and managed well on spotty and interrupted nighttime sleep with an early rising. And times when it was best for everyone if my quiet time was while I nursed the baby to sleep for an afternoon nap. Ask Him! 🙂

    • Daniella,
      We’ve all been there. 🙂
      Sleep is such a hard skill for little ones to master and sometimes even harder on us in the process of coaching them along the way to healthy habits. He’ll get there eventually with your help.

      I have two boys (ages 2 and 5) that have each had their own sleep problems that we’ve had to over-come together. I just recently found a website that I found to be quite helpful for a recent trouble area with our toddler. Maybe it will be of some help to you.

      She hosts a blog that answers a weekly question as well!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Give God your basket of loaves and fish and He’ll feed the five thousand.

      If I was a was an Asian martial arts instructor I’d just leave it at that and be all cryptic. But while I am Asian, I’m not much for being cryptic, so here’s what I think:

      I think God can change the world, your family, your heart with just 5 minutes. He doesn’t expect us to punch a clock or unveil Revelations. He just wants our heart and our ear.

      So my 2 cents is this: Give God the first quiet moments of your day. Be intentional. Pray, read, listen. Get enough rest. Don’t burn out. You’ll have plenty of 5:30am’s in your future. Start small, be faithful and let God grow it big.

      Love you, friend.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      And like Patti and Heidi said, we’ve ALL been there! You’re a great mom!

      Another thought – the early morning doesn’t need to be our only Bible reading time. Obvious, but revolutionary for me. I can read just a verse and pray just a minute to connect with my “Coach” before the “game” starts and then have a deeper study time at “half time” or after the “game”.

      And I’ll go ahead and apologize for my caffeine induced sports analogies.

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    I’m in! This is my second time trying to accomplish this and to help each other in our goals a friend of mine and I are doing it together. Maybe some accountability will help in this area…

    I have to admit, I love and hate this challenge at the same time. Here’s hoping that I’ll just love it by the end.

  • Avatar Jamie says:

    I am on board.. again! This time I want to do it right.. I started a month ago.. life has been crazy! I can tell you, it is worth it. I did this successfully for a couple weeks (I know not long), but during this time I accomplished SOOOO much. Now that I haven’t been crawling out of bed (thank you cold weather!), I feel like life is chaos first thing in the morning throughout my whole day.. exercise was first to go.. devotional is a struggle (I get through it) but not with enough quiet time like I want. Planning – ugh.. I am flying by the seat of my pants. I want this to be a life long commitment. Thanks Kat for the great program.

  • I’m on board! I’ve already got my morning plan in place, my problem is sticking to it. And going to bed on time. Last night I was up late (just an hour later than I should be), and slept through both mine and my husband’s alarm this morning. (We both did, actually. He was up even later than I was, poor guy.)

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    I’m definitely in! I’ve been trying to drag myself out of bed earlier for the last 9 months and it just hasn’t been working. But its time to make a real committment and stop making excuses!

    I just might have to join twitter for this one!

  • Avatar Pam Berg says:

    I am on board! I can relate to all of these ladies, in that I have been trying to do this on my own for probably about a year now. It is not working. I passed on the first challenge, but am feeling really convicted to participate in this challenge. Things need to change.

  • Avatar Kim says:

    I’m in. Again. 🙂

  • Avatar Meagan says:

    I am in. I soooo need this. And although my husband and I have been working on this, well, we aren’t very good accountability buddies. We just moved the alarm all the way across the room. My hubby now bolts out of bed, shuts of the alarm, and is back under the covers before I can force an eye open. Oh well, now I will have more incentive. 🙂

  • Avatar Patt says:

    I have had seasons of being consistent with getting up early and it has been such a blessing. I am in a frustrating pattern right now of falling asleep early one night then staying awake ridiculously late the next. This wreaks havoc on the morning routine (and my body). I am so looking forward to the discipline of consistent sleeping times. My main sticking point will be the going to bed part! This week my focus is on shifting my rising time back to 5:30 and going to bed at the right time.

  • Avatar Marleah says:

    Well, I’m going to give this a go. I’ve been on the fence about trying it for a while since it’s only been recently that my 16 month old started sleeping through the night consistently. Another challenge is that both my kids are usually up by 6 am every morning, so getting up before they do means I’m getting up at an hour that I consider to be way, way too early. So I’m starting slow… Hopefully it will help that there’s a friend in the area doing this too, and we’re going to try to keep each other accountable.

  • Avatar Stephanie says:

    I’m in! I’m so glad you are doing this. I wanted to do it with you in August, but I was away on vacation for 1/2 the month, so I couldn’t do it then.

  • Avatar Robyn says:

    My boys already get up between 530 and 600 am – I’m not sure I can get up earlier than that and still have time to spend with my husband each evening and enough sleep (especially because one charming little boy likes to try and get up at 430-ish and I have to convince him to go back to sleep!). Any suggestions? I do have a pretty good morning routine – when I stick to it – but I know when I do manage to get up before my boys, even 20 minutes if they “sleep in ” (gag gag), it’s so peaceful and relaxing and wonderful. What do you think? Should I try to get up at 500 and see how it goes?

    • Robyn,

      How old are your boys and what time do they normally go to bed? I’m crafting a post right now on how I got my 2 year old to sleep longer after a period of early waking.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Silas is 3 1/2 and Oliver is 15 months. It kind of depends what time they nap, but generally speaking Ollie’s asleep by 700 and Silas is asleep by 8 or 830. He’s still napping for an hour and half, but if he does miss (and it’s not pretty in the late afternoon!) he’ll be asleep by 700 or 730 too. I’ve been contemplating dropping the nap, but neither of us is ready, honestly. 99% of the time he goes to sleep in just a few minutes without any fuss, then sleeps for 1.5 hours. Obviously he’s not ready to drop the nap, it’s just when he naps late for whatever reason, then goes to bed really late, I start to think about dropping the nap!

  • Avatar Kristin says:

    I’m in! I read this post earlier today and gave it some thought. I’m definitely in. Setting a bed time will challenge me. But knowing the payoff, I believe I can do it! I have always loved mornings best and I need to reclaim that time for myself. 🙂 ~K

  • I’m in……again…..I fight the night-owl in me!

    I get so energized about what I get to engage in un-interrupted, however, I’ve seen the benefits and it’s worth it. Thanks for the encouragement.

    I am a more avid FB user in the world of social media.

    I do have a twitter account, but I have not really uncovered all the in’s and out’s – what does the # sign next to the titles ‘mean’ please??


  • Avatar Kelly says:

    I’m in too…I definitely need more structure and routine in my mornings!!!

  • Avatar Sara-Beth says:

    Alright, Michelle. I am in. My morning routine has been so sporadic and I think/hope that some good accountability and community is what I need (along with a big dose of help from the Holy Spirit) to bring some normality to it. I am excited!

  • I’m in. I followed along in August but then we hit marching band season and my mornings have gone by the wayside. I find myself sleeping in as long as possible due to the fact that we aren’t getting to bed until almost midnight. I need this!

  • Avatar Ginny says:

    Okay, I’ll just be real and say that I DO NOT want to do this. However, I think that is all the more reason I need to sign up and participate! I’ve got a 3-year-old and a 7-month-old who is finally (dare I say it?!?!) sleeping all night, so I can start trying to establish a new two-kid routine for the mornings. Thanks a bunch for the support, I’m gonna need it!!

  • Avatar jaime says:

    I’m in. I’m excited to have some quality alone time each morning!

  • Avatar Cathy says:

    I’m in. Unlike most of you ladies, I’m a grandma, but one who keeps several of her grandkids almost every day. They are here at 6 a.m. or before and in order to get up, do my devotions and planning for the day and exercise…..well, it is hard. But I’m going to give it a go! I need motivation!

  • Avatar Allysgrandma says:

    I am in still. Started late last time, but am working into it. Have made some improvement, but room for more.

  • Avatar Leslie says:

    I’m totally in!!! I soooo need this!!! I don’t sleep well at night, so always I think well, I just sleep ten more minutes, and the next thing I know my 1 yr old is calling me from his crib!! Then it’s only about 10 min till my 4 yr old wakes up…..not much time to pray, read, exercise AND have a few minutes of quiet! Especially with the 1 yr old already up! Why is it my best sleep time is in the early morning hours, from sunrise upward???

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  • I’m in. This is very intimidating for me… I haven’t had a good morning routine since… well never. But I need it, especially now that my kids are not napping consistently, so I can’t get my prayer and quiet time in the middle of the day. Thank you for this challenge! Let’s go!

  • Avatar Brittany says:

    I am SO on board!! This has come at perfect timing for me! So great to know other moms are dealing with the same struggles I am and we’re in it together!

  • Avatar Michelle says:

    I am up for the challenge! This is something I need to do better in. Getting up. Spending time with God. Exercising. All areas I in which I fail on a daily basis. With the help of the Lord, I hope to be successful. Putting into practice the things I believe (God 1st!) will be so beneficial for my husband, daughter and the managing of my household. Being out the ‘workforce’ without a set schedule has thrown me for a loop! I feel so unproductive somedays! Here’s to a closer walk with my Lord!!!

  • Avatar Angela says:

    I am going to give it a try.

  • Avatar Kelly says:

    I keep making my nursing daughter my excuse…I’m in.

  • Avatar Prerna says:

    Alright, am totally in! I have no problems getting up early (4.30 am early) and even have a regular bedtime routine. It is the “Maximizing” part that I will need to work on.
    Look forward to learning and connecting:-)

  • Avatar Audra says:

    Ok – I’m going to try! I have two little ones under 2, one is just 4 months old and still waking a few times at night. I know I won’t be perfect. I know I’ll mess up. I’m ok with that because I know God is looking at my heart and not my perfection!

    My biggest challenge will be the bedtime. I don’t get to see the hubs much. We have almost always gone to bed together. He stays up fairly late getting work done. My kids don’t nap at the same time during the day for me to nap with them yet.

  • Avatar Erin M. says:

    I’m in – again! Did well for a bit, but fell off the wagon. I am tired of being “behind” when I roll out of bed in the morning so I need to have this accountability!

    Thank you Kat and thank you Michelle! I’ll be seeing you on Twitter around 6:30 CST to start! Hoping to work back to 5:30!

  • Avatar MaryBeth says:

    I’m going to use this challenge to get back in the habit of spending time reading my Bible and in prayer before my girls get up. I am so not a morning person! I know before starting that my true weakness is sticking to a decent bedtime, but this should be a great way to get back in the habit. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    I’m in….I know, know, know this is the answer to a more peaceful, productive day. Don’t know why I have let it slide. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  • Avatar Michelle says:

    I just wanted to say hello to the entire group! I recognize many of you and am excited to meet some new-to-me people!

    I, too, need to get back into this morning routine. I really need group support, so I’m very thankful for all of you here!

    I would love to reply to each & every lovely comment, but I confess- I don’t want to retype my contact info 50+ times! Please consider this your personal “High Five!” 🙂

  • Avatar Melissa says:

    So, it’s a problem that I miss my workouts nearly everyday and haven’t done a Bible study in months? I’m a working mother with a 6 month old baby! I’ve only just started sleeping through the night again, and I have to get up early?!

    What I mean to say is… I need help, kay? Thanks for the inspiration. I’m not sure I’m ready not to fall off the wagon, but I’ll try!!!

  • Avatar Katie says:

    I’m so excited about this! I’m a working mom w/ a 3-month-old. Since I started back to work, I’ve actually stuck to an early wake up time and a Bible-reading plan for the first time in years, but I definitely need the exercise and planning times, as well as the consistency of an earlier bedtime. Looking forward to some Twitter accountability, too. 🙂

  • Avatar Brookiej says:

    I’m IN!! My family needs me to do this. I need me to do this. We had an international move & my grandmother passed away this summer. I have let everything slide…needless to say, my life is a little out of whack! Thanks for doing this!

  • Avatar Jacqueline says:

    I’m in! Excited and expecting. (To meet with God, not to have a baby.)

  • Avatar Niki says:

    Ok…I’ll do it! I am looking forward to waking up and starting my day with purpose.

  • Avatar Ariel says:

    Ok, so I was literally, just now, about to revamp my daily schedule (that I haven’t been following) and figure out a new plan that works! So, I’m in! A few days into the new month, but I’ll be starting on the first Monday of the month, so that works for me! Looking forward to the support of others trying to change things up a bit!

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  • Avatar Cherie says:

    I started with Michelle over at her blog and I am going to continue fine tuning the challenge here as well. It has really made a big difference in my life!

  • Avatar Kate says:

    I’m definitely in. I slacked off some this weekend, but I was up and ready to go this morning! I’m used to getting up, and I find that I get a lot more done when I’m up early than when I stay in bed. Looking forward to going through the plan with everyone!

  • Avatar Sheri says:

    Uh… I’m way behind on this, so I have been getting up at my usual time of 6:30. Sadly, though, that is still not the ‘right’ time for me to get what I want done for my husband to leave for work, kids up and fed, and school started by 8a.m.
    Sooo, I need to back it up a bit! I’m in for this challenge… better late than never, right?!? 🙂

  • I’m in!

    My husband is just going back to work after a few weeks off recovering from surgery, and we both want to get into a 6:30 am start time. I’m the mother of one teen still at home, and he gets himself up in the morning, so it’s really just me and my dear one that I need to look after.

  • Avatar Amy says:

    I am on board! I’ve been doing pretty well with getting up and getting to the gym since school started. However, since officially starting the challenge on Sunday (today is Tuesday) I have woken with a migraine, set my alarm for the wrong time, and then this morning I completely slept through my alarm. Didn’t hear it at all! Amazingly enough, the kids and I made it to school on time, but the crock pot didn’t get started, so I am already behind for dinner. Sigh!

  • Avatar Trina says:

    I’m in!

    Joining in a bit late, but I’m really excited to work through this process! My mornings have been entirely too sporadic and rushed for my comfort. Today, I walked out of the house without my car keys … when I went back in to get them, I ended up leaving without the house keys! Ack!

  • Avatar Erica says:

    I am going to give this a try, but more for myself. I am a mother, but my baby girl is in Heaven, having only spent three days with us here on Earth before leaving us to be at peace. I am constantly fighting the snooze button in the morning, so I’m willing to give this a shot and see if it helps me create a better pattern and be a better wife and a better, more patient teacher with my students.

  • Avatar beth says:

    I’m in. A friend just told me about this today, so we’re doing it together!

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  • Avatar MomtoMRM says:

    I’ve just found the challenge and I’m jumping in. Thanks!

  • Avatar Jenny says:

    I’m on board. I started with you all, but I got side tracked by finals … so i am starting back at week one. I will be behind most of you , but I still have a goal to Maximize my mornings !


  • […] Step One: Get Out of Bed! Week One was all about just getting out of bed! I think half the time I had gone to bed on time and the other half not. Old habits die hard…chatting with hubby and going online and folding laundry. Throw some sick kids (and also not feeling well myself) into the mix and there you have it. As for waking up, I wanted to slowly wake up earlier and earlier to make it to my target wake up time, but I’m not even close yet. I think interrupted sleep is a lot worse than sleeping for a short period of time. *sigh* Well, I’m watching the recent “sick one” on the video monitor right now and she’s tossing and turning, but I’m hoping that the virus is gone and we can say goodbye to that fever for good, and I can get some rest also. […]

  • Avatar Lori Broach says:

    I have been reluctant to do this, but I am ready to join now. Count me in.

  • Avatar Niki says:

    I just learned of this challenge & I’m in! 🙂

  • […] post for the last 30 minutes. (Seriously, it’s 6:30am. I’ve been trying since 6:00. #hellomornings!) I’ve been trying to think of a great hook to get you focused on this post. Why? Because […]

  • Avatar Beth says:

    I am starting the challenge this week and am SO PSYCHED! I feel this is just what I need right now, as I am in a routine rut and I know God will use this for His glory. Thanks for giving us the INSPIRATION! 🙂

  • […] to be a more competent homemaker. I’m Maximizing My Mornings, keeping my house cleaner and neater than ever before  and ensuring we eat more Real Food (which […]

  • […] reading the BEST book for my #hellomornings. It’s called Treasured by Leigh McLeroy. It’s actually a book I got to review and […]

  • Avatar Ellen says:

    I was just thinking this morning, how I am so not on my “top game” when its my 21 month old waking me up…..and how I seem to just get by throughout the day….

    amen to answered prayers for help lol! 🙂

  • Avatar Bec says:

    Hi everyone,
    I would love to do the challenge and have accountability partners – but I’m on the other side of the world!
    I live in Sydney Australia – I have an 11 month old baby girl who is my alarm clock (i’d love to change that because she’s not consistent at all!)
    Any ideas for me?

    • Avatar Helen says:

      I am in New Zealand and I have an 8 month old that is up multiple times in the night and isn’t down to sleep until 8pm. I want to get up early but going to bed early leaves little time for evening housework and crafting (my me time).
      I wish I had ideas but I am there too.

  • Avatar Krystal says:

    On board…a little late but so excited to start!

  • Avatar charlotte says:

    Alright, I’ve decided. I’ve been way too grumpy in the mornings. Need to do something about it! Excited to start, but a little nervous, too. Hello ladies, and hellomornings! =)