Why Moms Need To Say, “SWIPER! NO SWIPING!” To The Infomercial Mentality

swiper, no swiping!

Did you know…?

If you wake up at 5:30am, little elfin creatures will magically do your dishes, laundry and mop your floors? They’ll also do your workout for you, AND let you reap the physical benefits. Watch out Jillian Michaels. Plus…at that exact time, you will become a planning ninja that could make Franklin Covey look like Gomer Pile. In fact, I’m pretty sure there is a special place in heaven for people who get up at 5:30am.

You’re probably either laughing or ticked right now. What can I say? Sarcasm. It’s a gift.

Or not.

My Point

My point is that I feel like I need to clarify something: There’s nothing magical about 5:30am.

I’ve seen a lot of people jump into a 5:30 wake up time only to burn out in a week.

If our family circumstances didn’t require me to get up that early to have an hour to myself, believe me, I wouldn’t be up at 5:30am..

As a lot of you take on the challenge of developing an incredible and life changing habit of Maximizing Your Mornings, I want to assure you that 5 minutes with God can move mountains.

Baby Steps

I don’t think I emphasized this enough in the ebook, but the BEST way to create a lifelong habit is to take baby steps.

Think about it. When babies learn to walk, most don’t go straight from rolling over to running full tilt. If they did, they’d crash into walls, knock things over and freak out at the sudden ability to be vertical.

No, they crawl, they cruise, they take baby steps, they toddle, they walk and then they run.

Why Infomercials Are Holding You Back

MAKE $100,000 TODAY!

We live in a society of immediate gratification.
Overnight success. Radical change. Amazing results. We worship the Hare and despise the Tortoise.

And we lose because we invest all our energy in the start and have nothing left for the hills.

Believing that success should be instant robs us of humble victories.

“Swiper! No Swiping!”

We should never despise small beginnings or slow journeys. Everything great begins with one tiny, unglorious start.

Make it your goal to get up 5 minutes early and read 1 verse. Do only that for one WHOLE month.

“But Kat! That’s too easy.”

Cool, then do it.

Everyone, say it with me, “Swiper! No Swiping!”

No one gives up on easy goals. We conquer them on our way to the next level.

If you move your bedtime and wake time by 5 minutes each month, by the time school starts next year, you’ll have an hour of Bible study/exercise time in the morning. And you’ll have an ingrained life long habit that you’ll be addicted to and have a hard time breaking even if you wanted.


“But Kat, a WHOLE year? I don’t want to wait a whole year! I want to read the Bible in 30 days and run a marathon next month!”


“Swiper! No-ooo Swiping!”

Success isn’t defined by high goals and fast starts. Success is defined by steady, faithful, forward motion.

Action Time: Let’s Set Some Low Goals!

What’s an area you want to work on? Getting up in the morning? Working out?

Pick an area and set a nice, low, unimpressive goal.

For me, I’d like to start writing down an X on our marker board everytime I eat a sweet. I don’t have to stop eating them. I just need to track it.


What’s your low goal?

(This post is part of Works For Me Wednesday.)

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