Are You Ready For A Revolution?

By August 23, 2010General

PuppySometimes it seems like raising children is like raising a dog or a cat. We feed them, shelter them, teach them a few tricks, not to bite others and VOILA! We’re done.

Motherhood is much, much more than we often think it to be.

Whether we like it or not, we are raising little versions of ourselves. Our strengths will likely be some of their strengths, our weaknesses will be some of their weaknesses.

A Story For You…

A friend of mine once had a dream that she was out hiking with her 3 children. A few miles into the hike, in the middle of nowhere, they were suddenly approached by bears. She stepped in front of her children, desperate to protect them.

She yelled at the bears. She screamed at them, but the bears kept coming. And coming.

How had the bears found them? She wondered. They had hiked quietly, she didn’t let her kids bring any food, and she’d even sprayed them with scent neutralizer. Yet there they were, surrounded by bears.

Then she looked in her hands and saw it. She was holding raw meat. The bears smelled it from miles away. She’d done everything she could to protect her children, but she’d neglected to prepare herself for the journey, too.

What Are We Holding?

Moms. We cannot simply teach and train our children. We must continue to change and refine ourselves. We must own up to our issues. Name them. And do everything we can to defeat them. We cannot coast through life. We cannot make excuses for our failings. The lives of our children and their children and their children depend on our daily choices now.

Feel overwhelmed? Feel like you can’t handle the pressure? Good. Me too. And that’s just the point we need to arrive at to start this journey.

It’s time for a revolution. Are you ready…?

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