Join The Maximize Your Mornings Challenge!

The other day I got this email from Michelle:

I was inspired by your ebook about morning routines. I’d like to work
through the steps on my blog, inviting my readers to download the book
from you and work through it with me step by step, if that’s okay with
you. It’d be similar to a book club/accountability group. I’d like to
run the series every Monday in August.

Well!!! That’s just about the coolest idea ever. So if you need help and accountability as you try to Maximize Your Mornings, you’ll definitely want to visit Michelle’s blog and join the challenge.

Summer is approaching it’s end and the school year is fast approaching. It’s the perfect time to make the most of your mornings and start developing a solid routine.

I hope to see you at the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge!

Curious: When does school start in your neck of the woods? I seems like they keep moving it earlier each year…

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