GIVEAWAY! Motivation Monday: Free eBook – Mission Statements for Moms

By July 25, 2010General

Today is Motivation Monday! Tell us in the comments if you’ve taken action and get a chance to win today’s giveaway which is a copy of Let Love WIn by The Museum!

Their song “My Help Comes From the Lord” has been riding high on the Billboard Christian Music charts. This is your chance to snag a free copy of their non-yet-released album.

Get all the details at the end of the post and find out who won last week’s prize.

This giveaway is now closed, but you can still download the FREE ebook below.

Free New eBook – Mission Statements for Moms

The new ebook is ready! As the title of this paragraph ever-so-subtly suggests, the ebook is designed to walk you through the process of creating your own mission statement. So, if you’ve been “meaning to” or “thinking about it” or have just plain gotten stuck at the beginning, middle or end of the process, this ebook is just for you.

To download it, just subscribe via an RSS feed reader or via email to have the download link sent to you. If you’re already a blog subscriber, the link to the new ebook should be at the bottom of this post (if you’re viewing it in a reader or in an email).

I can’t wait for you to read it. I hope it will help you ignite your own personal revolution!

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Motivation Monday Details

For those of you who are new, here’s how Motivation Monday works:
Anyone who takes some sort of action can enter to win. Your action might be:

  • DOWNLOADING the new ebook…
  • getting up early, reading your Bible
  • going on a date with your kids
  • creating a mission statement
  • exercising
  • creating a meal plan
  • Writing a goal

It can be any action that improves who you are as a believer or a mother.

How To Enter

To enter the giveaway, you would do one (or all) of these:
1. Leave a comment and say, “I took action this week!”
2. Leave another comment telling us what action you took.
3. Follow @Inspired2Action on Twitter or Facebook and tell us there about the action you took.
4. Blog about your action and share the link below.

Last Week’s Winner
According to, last week’s winners of the Lisa Whelchel book “Friendship for Grownups” are Susan and Julie! Congratulations!

Action Begets Action

Why do I want you to Twitter, Facebook, Blog or Comment about the actions you taken in the past couple of weeks? …because action begets action. The things you’ve done WILL inspire others. And, well, that’s kind of what this blog is all about.

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