GIVEAWAY! Motivation Monday: Seeds and Footsteps

By May 9, 2010General

Today is Motivation Monday! Tell us in the comments if you’ve taken action and get a chance to win today’s giveaway which is the Seeds of Purpose CD.

If you haven’t heard of the Seeds Family Worship CD’s, you can thank me later. They’re an awesome combo of excellent music that’s fun for kids AND all the lyrics are straight from scripture. So they’re memorizing verses as they sing the songs. And it’s not the kind of kids music that generates migraines. Jimmy and I actually listen to their music when the kids aren’t even around.

They even provide free memory verse cards and checklists. So cool.

Get all the details at the end of the post and find out who won last week’s prize.

Where Do Your Footsteps Lead?

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My closet is a wreck. My girls closets are wrecks.

I often get up during dinner to tend to this or that. My kids have a hard time staying in their seats for an entire meal.

I tend to micromanage my kids. They tend to micromanage each other.

I like to run and exercise. My kids like to run and exercise.

I get up early in the morning to spend time with God. My 5 year old daughter gets up every morning at 6:30am to read her Bible. My 7 year old has read through the Bible twice.

We pave the way for our children. They want to be like us. They do what we do, whether it’s good or bad.

Think about it. Many of the most amazing athletes and musicians of our time had parents who were amazing athletes and musicians. They followed in their footsteps. The excellence of the parents paved the way for the excellence of the children.

Of course, children are amazing. They can be excellent all by themselves, but it’s so much easier for them if they have a clear path to follow. Our children will follow in our footsteps…wherever they may lead.

May our children inspire us to action today.

Motivation Monday Details

For those of you who are new, here’s how Motivation Monday works:
Anyone who takes some sort of action (any time within the last week) can enter to win. Your action might be:

  • getting up early, reading your Bible
  • going on a date with your kids
  • creating a mission statement
  • exercising
  • creating a meal plan
  • Writing a goal

It can be any action that improves who you are as a person, believer or a mother.

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment and say, “I took action this week!”

You can also:
– Get 2 entries by leaving another comment telling us what action you took.
– Get 3 entries by leaving one more comment and telling us you told your social media friends about the action you took (blog/twitter/facebook etc) .
– Get 4 entries by blogging about your action and linking to your post here:

Last Week’s Winner
According to, last week’s winner of Her Mother’s Hope by Francine Rivers was Stephanie! Congratulations!

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