Focused Motherhood: 1 Really Good Reason Moms Need Vision

By May 31, 2010General

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Imagine with me…

Scenario #1:

Your best friend calls you and asks you to pick her up at the super mega huge airport nearby at 5pm. You arrive. People everywhere. Pushing past you. You get jostled this way and that as you realize you don’t know where to go. She didn’t tell you WHERE to meet her.

After 3 hours of wandering, getting pushed around by people who are in a hurry, you’re tired, hungry and bruised. Finally, you find her. You’re both grumpy and headed for home.

Scenario #2:

Your best friend calls you and asks you to pick her up at the super mega huge airport nearby at 5pm at Gate 4,235. You walk with purpose into the terminal, arrive at her gate, find her right away and then you both head out for a girls night on the town.

We Cannot Lead Our Children If We Don’t Know Where We’re Going

A tiny bit of planning goes a long way.

It is VITAL that we know our purpose and our vision.

As a mom, you want more for your kids than just to survive until they are old enough to go to college. There are things you hope, dream and pray for your children.

As a woman, you want to grow and blossom with age. There are changes you want to make in your own life.

A Simple, But Powerful Act

The simple act of writing these dreams, hopes and visions down and keeping that list before you on a daily basis will change your life. And the lives of your children. And their children…

Take 5 minutes RIGHT NOW to just jot down a few of your desires/hopes/dreams. It doesn’t need to be perfect or thorough. Just some general direction. (When you’re ready you can form it into a mission statement.)

I pray that you (yes, y-o-u) would walk into each day of your life with the purpose and direction God intended. Let me know if there are specific ways I can pray for you today.

Because I’m All Confrontational

So, did you do it? Did you make a list? Or do you already have one?

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  • LeeAnn says:

    My only child, a daughter, is turning 1 next week. I feel like we’ve just been “surviving” through all the new things like dealing with months of sleepless nights and figuring out how this whole parenthood thing works. Although I’ve wanted to be intentional about raising her to know and love God, I don’t know where to start with her being so young. But I don’t want to wake up and she’s 5 and I’ve not done anything to shape her into God’s little girl. I guess I need a starting point, a resource, or something to get me pointed in the right direction. Please pray that I am able to start being more intentional with parenting her on an age appropriate level. I am a new follower of your blog and am excited to read more! Thanks!

  • jamee says:

    no i didn’t. but i am going to find my mission statement that I wrote a month or so ago and print it out. And I am going to locate the family devotional book I bought for the summer. Because, hello, its summer.


  • Bren says:

    I totally feel for LeeAnn, I went through that stage with all three of my little girls. My youngest is 16 months. I always go through that first year with mixed feelings — “Why didn’t I enjoy it more, make more memories, etc,” but Moms are usually too tired to do anything but get through it. That first year with a baby is always a little foggy for me. I have read that it is nearly impossible to set up any real routines until children are about 5. In part that is true, but I think small changes can really add up too. I am trying to make some small changes, but we are moving at the end of July to Thailand so that has put a few of my plans on hold until we get settled there. I am hoping to make some changes during this move — make the most of my mornings, etc. (I love th download book). I really want to raise my girls with a purpose and find my own path too (I feel like I have lost myself along the way). I am working on a mission statement — one I can carry with me and implement in our next home.
    .-= Bren´s last blog ..Thailand, Here I Come =-.

  • Elizabeth Hallberg says:

    Good Morning!! This is my first time posting, but I just had to share…
    This past year I decided to sacrifice a job that I enjoyed to stay home and raise my first child. He recently turned 1, and it has been the most rewarding and amazing year of my life. I would not have traded anything for being able to be with him for each and every “first”. Then just last night my husband asked me “What do YOU want to do next?” His question caught me off guard. I realize that my focus has been entirely on my son this past year, but I didn’t realize how much that shifted my focus off of any personal goals. I had to admit, I haven’t been following up my own visions for ME. Then this morning I opened my email on my blackberry and was greeted by this post. It was perfect and right on, reaffirming what my husband was trying to tell me last night and giving me a starting point. THANK YOU so much for reminding a busy Mom that I am not just raising my child, I am growing with him.. and growing is what I need to do! Time to write down my vision for ME and put it up with my Motherhood Mission Statement. Thanks again 🙂

  • melissa p. says:

    thank you. thank you. seriously.
    what you do here is so wonderful. yes, inspiring. but moreso, i feel you are truly doing God’s work. i think he is smiling really wide at you. i printed out the mission statement “stuff” a month or so ago, but haven’t found time to do it yet. (homeschooling my 7 & 4 year olds, teaching violin and knitting, yadda yadda). but today is our first day of summer vacation and top on that list is to…make a list! and start that mission statement.
    after a very rough beginning of this year (m/c) i found your blog. you have helped (by leading me to my Source) to pull me out of that fog.
    thank you. seriously.

    • jamee says:

      I got out the paper and made a list of goals today, too. Isn’t she inspiring?!?!

  • Kati says:

    I did write down my hopes, dreams and a goal. Now that they are written out on paper I feel like I can fine tune them 🙂 Very excited! Thank you 🙂

  • Christin says:

    Yes, I just jotted down 3 major desires/goals. I have my work cut out for me (Ok, so I know I can’t do this on my own. Only God can make this happen!)
    .-= Christin´s last blog ..Family Pic =-.

  • Kim says:

    LeeAnn and Bren,
    I *feel* for you both! I have a soon-to-be four year old daughter and a four month-old son. I, too, feel overwhelmed sometimes and feel like I’m just trying to get through the days. I totally understand the feeling of “just surviving.” And yet I know I don’t want to wake up one of these days with both of my kids smack dab in the middle of adolescence and realize I missed it. It can be completely overwhelming when I think about all that I want for my kids and what the implications are on my part.

    So for me, it’s really helped to keep things simple. Start small. Do just one thing. When my daughter was one, my goal most days was simply to make sure we read one bible story together and sing one worship song together. This is something we still do and she notices and reminds me when we skip a day. She may not ever remember the bible story from the day before and may never remember any of the little devotionals that we do together now. But the point is to instill in her the daily habit of spending time with God and teach her that God is real, personal, and fun. My house may be a mess (please don’t come over today), but in the face of eternity, it doesn’t really matter that much. Not really.

    She started swim lessons last week and has had a tough time conquering her fear. Last Thursday, her teacher told me she overheard my daughter telling one of her little friends, “Don’t worry. We don’t have to be afraid because Jesus is with us even underwater!” THAT is what matters. Makes me tear up thinking about it.

    I will be praying for you both, that God would grant you wisdom and grace. You can do it!!!!

  • Brianna says:

    I did do my mission statement a while ago. And I just reviewed it last week and wrote a blog post about it. (
    Anyway — my oldest has three days left of second grade. And my youngest is approaching kindergarten this fall. And, in all honesty, I am feeling amazingly overwhelmed with the whole idea of summer and making the most of it. Because I so badly want to soak up every minute of it with my kids before they’re all big and stuff. Somehow, I have this false notion that I need to be on top of my game in every area (i.e. mommyness, house stuff, dinner plans), and I’m so far from there. And at the same time, I’m trying to launch a freelance writing career. And, well, I just feel all this pressure from my own self. So — I guess that would be something you could pray for me?
    Thank you so much for this blog. It is, indeed, inspiring…
    .-= Brianna´s last blog ..Vigilant Wives =-.

  • Wendy Irene says:

    Wonderful to have seen your blog on Zen Family Habits! Have a great day!

  • kris says:

    Kat, thanks for everything you have on your blog…um if you could say a quick prayer for me to help me find myself and hopefully find meaning in myself too. I’ve been questioning a lot of things lately (spiritual and not so spiritual) and I feeling like I’m searching through the dark just for a flashlight. I’ve always wanted to raise my kids with a strong sense of faith and lately I’ve been feeling like it’s literally the blind leading the blind. My husband and I’ve talked about it and he’s been feeling the same way. So, I don’t know if there’s anything specific I’m asking for….I guess I just need some guidance for this journey I’m on. Thanks!

  • Andrea says:

    Nice analogy!!
    My goal in life is to educate my children as much as I can both spiritually AND physically. I have four kids and the oldest is now 5, but I am constantly amazed at how quickly they learn things I was first hesitant to teach them because it may be too hard for them at their age. (5, 4, 3 and 22 months)
    Last year when my oldest two were 4 and 3, they both memorized ALL of the locations and names of each state in the US. It blew me away how quickly they learned them. I now realize that once you have a goal, ANYTHING is possible!!
    Thanks for always reaffirming that. 

  • Amy says:

    I find having a vision frees me to enjoy the present, while knowing what and who I am becoming. I agree, it’s so vital for us all to have a clear vision! Thanks for the great reminder.