What A Grammy Winning Millionaire Can Teach You About Motherhood

I can be a “wee” bit obsessive about music.

I love music. You may have noticed that from the music giveaways and my occasional lyric references.

Ok…Maybe a Lot Obsessive
Every now and then, I get in a serious rut with an artist or song. Let’s see, I owned every single tape Amy Grant recorded and didn’t listen to much else until I was in jr. high. (T-A-P-E…it’s like a plastic rectangle box with brown string in it that plays music us old people used to listen to while the earth was being formed).

Good Thing I Have a Gracious and Long Suffering Family
Then, more recently, my family took a 26 hour road trip JUST after I’d discovered Brooke Fraser’s music. We listened to her 3 cd’s the whole time. Yes, 26 hours…

My New Find
Every now and then I find music that I completely moves me and that’s happened again this week. I was aimlessly surfing the web researching a post and I came across this song by Taylor Swift.

I’ve listened to it constantly ever since. (For some people, that would be a metaphor. Me? Nope. Day 4 of the repeat button.)

I’ve heard a lot of songs by parents about their children, but I don’t often hear songs by the children about their parents.

It is one of my most fervent prayers that my daughters and I have a relationship like this when they’re grown up.

This song has deeply inspired me and I hope it inspires you too.

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So, anyone get a little misty eyed? What songs inspire you?

(FYI – Check back tomorrow for my post about why and how to take a Yearly Retreat.)

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