GIVEAWAY! Motivation Monday: Get Ready For Summer

By April 25, 2010Summer Planning

Today is Motivation Monday! Tell us in the comments if you’ve taken action and get a chance to win today’s giveaway which is…Steven Curtis Chapman‘s album This Moment.

Cinderella is on this cd. Amazing song. I have Cinderella on my morning playlist…it so vividly reminds me to seize every moment with my children.

Get all the details at the end of the post and find out who won last week’s prize.

Get Ready For Summer!

Yay! It’s almost summer!

I don’t know about you, but I always approach this time of year with excitement mixed with fear and trepidation. I alternate between both loving and fearing the freedom and lack of routine. I worry that my patience will not survive an unstructured summer of being with all of my children 24/7. But a little planning can go a long, long way.

Over the next two weeks we’ll discuss how we can make this summer, fun, memorable, and successful for our families.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • How To Create a Fun and Flexible Summer Schedule
  • How To Set Summer Goals with Our Children
  • Make Big Memories On a Small Budget
  • 50 Summer Memory Making Activities
  • How To Survive A Family Road Trip

Because You Are Brilliant

I’ve compiled my ideas for this series, but I’d LOVE to get your input and share you’re awesome ideas as well. Please hop over to the Inspired To Action Facebook Page to share your wisdom and make this series as insanely useful and practical as possible.

Motivation Monday Details

For those of you who are new, here’s how Motivation Monday works:
Anyone who takes some sort of action can enter to win. Your action might be:

  • getting up early, reading your Bible
  • going on a date with your kids
  • creating a mission statement
  • exercising
  • creating a meal plan
  • Writing a goal

It can be any action that improves who you are as a believer or a mother.

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment and say, “I took action this week!”

You can also:
– Get 2 entries by leaving another comment telling us what action you took.
– Get 3 entries by leaving one more comment and telling us you told your social media friends about the action you took (twitter/facebook etc) .

– Get 4 entries by blogging about your action and sharing the link to your blog post here:

Last Week’s Winner
According to, last week’s winner of the Adie Camp CD is our awesome kickboxing friend Heidi! Congratulations!

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