I Need Your Input! And How To Win A $10 iTunes Gift Card…

By February 11, 2010General

I need your help. I’m planning topics for the next few months and I’d love to get your input. And one of you will win a $10 gift card, just for sharing your thoughts. Details below.

TEN dollars. That’s right. You’re hanging with the high rollers now.

Our Next Series Is…

The next series that we’ll cover here at Inspired To Action has to do with the post about Kerri Strug from the other day.


We’ll discuss why mom’s need Mission Statements and Yearly Goals. (They’re not just for companies and big organizations.) We’ll help you develop your own and show you how having a very clear focus can simplify your life and allow you to make consistently wise decisions for you and your family.

Sound fun? Ok. Maybe fun isn’t the word.

Sound helpful? I hope so!

I honestly believe it will be an extremely beneficial series. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made in my life to have a very specific and narrow purpose. I know exactly what to say yes to and what to politely decline (with confidence). I do a lot less than I used to, but I now have the time to do each thing much better.

Future Topics

As for future topics, I’d love your feedback on things you’d like to learn about. Once you tell me what you’re most interested in, I’ll work on interviewing some experts and putting together what I hope will be really useful content, forms, videos etc.

Here are a few topics I’ve thought of. Could you take a minute to list the 3 you find most interesting (you can comment anonymously, if you prefer)? You can also add your own suggestions in the comments. Don’t be shy!

  • How to be a Master Menu Planner (recipes, planning tips etc.)
  • How to be a fit Mom (exercise, nutrition etc)
  • Reviving the Romance (Marriage ideas focused on those with young kids)
  • Home Organization (Learn skills to keep your home organized AND tidy)
  • Home Cleaning Habits (How to easily keep your home clean)
  • How to Create Fun Family Memores (Family fun nights, vacation ideas, traditions etc)
  • Don’t Let Your Money Master You (Personal finance strategies)
  • How to help your children develop their own quiet time habit
  • Developing an Effective Prayer Life (praying for your family, church and others)
  • A Quiet Time Is More Than Just Falling Asleep Reading Your Bible (Tips, ideas, methods etc)

These are just a few ideas. What I really want to know is what YOU are interested in learning about. If a few of these sound interesting to you, please let me know in the comments. Or if you have other topics you’d like us to cover, please share those as well.

$10 iTunes Gift Card

And just to sweeten the deal, I’ll give a $10 iTunes gift card to one randomly selected commenter.

Now go share your ideas…please.

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