10 Ways To Easily (well, MORE easily) Get Out Of Bed

By February 9, 2010Create A Morning Routine

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Now for a nice practical post. This (above) is the button we want to avoid in the morning. Here’s how.

1. Listen to music. Make a playlist and put your headphones on as soon as your alarm goes off.
2. Recite a memory verse as soon as the alarm goes off.
3. Pray – as soon as the alarm goes off (seeing a trend here?). Thank God for the day and (in faith) for the strength to get out of bed.
4. Jump out of bed like a firefighter as soon as the alarm goes off. Try not to freak your husband out. But just jump out as SOON as the alarm goes off. No thinking, no talking to yourself. Just jump.
5. Set multiple alarm clocks. Just in case you (accidentally, of course) hit snooze.
6. Move your alarm clock (or back up alarm clock) to the other side of the room.
7. Do Something Terrifying. If you’re crazy serious, set an alarm clock and put it outside of your child’s bedroom. If you’re like me the LAST thing you want is for your child to wake up too early and not get enough sleep. So set that clock for 5 minutes after yours goes off. Possibly a fool proof way to ensure you’ll get out of bed.
8. Get Accountability. Have a friend call you or call a friend as soon as the alarm goes off.
9. Have Your Husband Help. Tell your husband what time you’re going to get up and have him kick you out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. Nicely, of course. (Um…You might want to make sure your marriage is on very good terms for this one.)
10. Do SOMETHING as soon as the alarm goes off. Just don’t hit the snooze.

What tips and tricks have you tried to help you get up in the morning? Please share them in the comments.

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  • Avatar Snapper119 says:

    If helps if I can smell the coffee because the pot was set to auto brew. 🙂

  • Avatar Alexis R says:

    This AM, I failed to get up since I was awoken a few times by a scared child and a coughing child. But on good days I remember how I feel after having my time with God and how my day does. So tomorrow is a new day, I will get it in today if it kills me!!! 😉

  • Avatar Elaine says:

    I have a very small apartment, so I put my phone with the alarm set on my Bible at the dining room table. I have to get out of bed and go turn it off before it wakes up my daughter. It’s pretty impossible to go back to bed if I’m already standing right by my quiet time materials!

  • Avatar Faith says:


    I will be doing the firefighter one – because frankly – once I’m moving, I’m fine.

  • Avatar Mandy says:

    Great ideas! I laughed loud at #7. I usually jump right in the shower. I don’t like going back to bed cold and wet. Plus it motivates me to jump right into my day. I’m a reformed late sleeper. I’ve been getting up before 6am for 6 months now.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      A shower. That’s a great way to wake up! For some reason I’ve never thought of doing that first thing in the morning. Good idea.

  • Avatar Leslie S. says:

    No matter how much I love my husband, I don’t want a single soul to wake me up! It has to be an alarm. But since I’ve been trying to wake up at 5:30, I really don’t like the sound of the alarm either. SO, now I have a ringtone of the song “Good Morning Beautiful” on my phone and use that song as my alarm. I imagine it is Jesus waking me to spend time with Him. Now I smile when I wake up. (*If you have a blackberry you can download lots of ringtones free at crackberry.com). Also, I learned this morning that I really do need to be up at 5:30. My husband has been sick so I knew he would be sleeping in and I set my alarm for 6am instead…It was not enough time to do all the “before’s” I need to do. Take the dog out, fix my cup of coffee etc. before I can sit down for my quite time. NOW I KNOW I need to be up at 5:30 or it won’t work!!!

  • Avatar Mindy says:

    This is great! I’m a morning person by nature, but still need a reminder here and there as I always allow myself one “grace snooze button”. It’s always better when I save the 9 minutes and just get up right away. I LOVE this blog – thanks so much for sharing!

  • Avatar Mrs. C says:

    I love reading all of your tips and I have found a few that have helped me. The harsh truth is that I am NOT a morning person. I never have been. I can’t help but to hit the snooze button and not even know I have done it 6 times! I have been known to set 5-6 LOUD alarms throughout the house, get up, turn them off and go back to bed and not remember a thing. Really. It’s true!! So for me, my prayer is that I will actually become conscious enough to actually HEAR the alarm and KNOW it is going off! For the last week, I have set my alarm to buzz. I then set a second alarm 5 minutes later that is set to our local Christian music station. I am having some success in that I am aware of the music 15 minutes after the first alarm was set. Baby steps….

  • Avatar Ashley says:

    And yet, it’s the STAYING OUT OF BED that’s the hardest for me! Ugg… time to work on that self-discipline junk…

  • Avatar SkylarKD says:

    LOL – love the “terrifying” tip.
    No way I’m trying that, though. 😉

  • Avatar Hannah says:

    Ha, ha, loved #7, something “terrifying”. Yeah, that would get me out of bed!

    I think my more important task, though, is getting myself to bed earlier the night before, which is quite the challenge.

  • Avatar Jasmin says:

    I set multiple alarms (#5) on my iphone because you can set any number of alarms. This isn’t really foolproof. I’m on maternity leave now and know I don’t need to wake up as long as the baby’s sleeping. I just end up pressing snooze on every single alarm.

    I’ll try #1 and #2 out tomorrow. #9 is out of the question since I usually drag my husband out of bed.

  • Ha! I should have kept the alarm clock that I had in highschool – it was a talking Garfield clock and every time you pushed the snooze (his nose) the next wake up expression got more and more annoying and LOUDER.

  • Avatar 'Becca says:

    Great tips! I gave up the snooze button for Lent two years ago, and it was really helpful in ways I couldn’t imagine before I gave in and accepted that God was calling me to just DO it! What works best for me is to get out of bed immediately and go get a drink of water. I allow myself to reset the alarm for MORE than 8 additional minutes (I have a 1988 digital clock with wonderful, easy-to-use knobs on the front that set the time in 5-minute increments) and go back to sleep if that’s what I need, but I HAVE to get up for a moment first so I can think rationally about it.
    .-= ‘Becca´s last blog ..Storing Cheese and Onions =-.

  • Avatar Tracy says:

    I heard a great Bible verse yesterday that reminded me of your encouragement to wake up early! Psalm 90: 14 – Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. I know if I focus on God in the morning, the rest of my day will go much more smoothly. Not there won’t be bumps in the road, but if I’m reminded of His love first thing, I can look to Him when those roadblocks come up! Thanks for this great website and encouragement! I am using the Daily Prayer Chart for Children, I’ve created a Mission Statement (I’ve always loved creating Goals and Objectives for myself, but had put it aside the last few years), I’ve shared this website with several friends, etc.! Wow! What an impact you are having! Thanks for your insights and many blessings to you!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      That IS a great verse! I’m so thrilled that you’re putting everything to good use. Good for you! And thanks for commenting and letting me know that you’re finding this blog useful. It’s so encouraging.

      I hope you have a very wonderful day.


  • Avatar SB says:

    I loved yr tips on getting out of bed. Being a Muslim we have to say a morning prayer, so I keep my alarm in my bathroom which I can hear very clearly. Once in the bathroom I HAVE to go through the cleansing ritual(splashing water on the face) need i say more?

  • Avatar Chasta says:

    Our bedroom light is on an alarm clock timer (you can get them at Wal-Mart near the night lights). I set the light to come on when the alarm goes off. Making the bed as soon as I get out of it, keeps me from going back to bed.

  • Avatar Tara says:

    Getting out of bed hasn’t ever been too much of a problem for me. I have the blessing of being a morning person… but something that might help – I used to set my stereo as my alarm – and put the remote waaaaay out of reach so I’d actually have to get out of bed to turn it off. You could do that with your clock radio too.
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..Hearty Pox =-.

  • Avatar Katie D. says:

    I am in awe of all the ladies who comment that something actually works as far as getting up. This may be the hardest thing I do all day. It used to be easy for me to wake up. I don’t know if it is cumulative exhaustion from kids, night-owl syndrome or a new medication I take for endometriosis that has made me literally “unwake-able.” I feel terrible about it. My husband will tell me stories about the baby crying or funny things the kids said over breakfast and I have missed it all. I set alarms, I pray for God’s help, I actually want to do this, but I hear nothing, notice nothing. I am not hitting the snooze repeatedly, my husband or one of the boys would come and silence the alarm since they were all annoyed in the next room. And there I am in bed, missing out on my family and on Jesus. I have asked a few doctors about this, and I’ve tried a couple different things including a sleep study and having my melatonin. seratonin and dopamine levels checked. No answers, no solutions. I suppose this really is in God’s hands for me.

  • Avatar LeeAnn says:

    I have been doing MYMs for 19 days and counting…the getting up part is still the hardest part. How long does it take to make a habit?…I think I’m coming to the realization that I might actually have to get up before 6am too…which is completely unheard of for me, and often feels impossible, but these are great ideas! I think something radical like this is what it’s going to take. Although going to bed earlier might help too!! Right now I’m at about 6:15, but that sure is better than 7:30 or 7:45…I keep telling myself – baby steps, baby steps. At least I’m still TRYING and am doing my Bible study, even if the meals aren’t planned, my to do list is scattered, and my exercise is lacking. One thing at a time!!

  • I’m going to try the auto brew approach too.

  • Avatar Amy says:

    I have very good intentions but I have a hard time sticking with things. I set routines and follow them….for a couple weeks…..then it’s back to the same ole’, same ole’. I would love to be able to stay committed to getting up early and having a nice daily routine. I have 2 & 3 yr old boys and I have a third baby on the way so I need lots of prayer please. It’s helpful to remember that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

  • Avatar Tiffany Clarke says:

    I have a live kitty alarm clock. As soon as my regular alarm goes off he starts meowing at me. Which is my signal that he’s lonely and wants his breakfast. If you ignore him he just keeps meowing and jumping on my nighstand knocking stuff over. So since Moses has been around I haven’t had a problem getting out of bed, it’s just setting my alarm clock early enough.

  • Avatar Bethany says:

    Go to bed earlier. It’s so much easier to get up when I’ve had 8 hours of sleep instead of 5 1/2.

  • Avatar SarahH says:

    Thank you SO much for these tips! I love number 4 but have to remember that. I think accountability is key…I am supposed to be texting my friend when I’m up but forgot to this morning. Oops. Number 7 was hilarious….but I like it. I really, really like it. And might seriously do it. If I do, I’ll let you know how it goes! 🙂

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  • Avatar Kristy says:

    I love/hate the Terrifying one! It really works to have the alarm go off where children will be able to hear it. I get right out of bed for that one.