How To Pray Daily For Your Children Pt.2 – 3 More Tips

child-praying(This is Part 2 of a series called “How To Pray Daily for Your Children.” Read Part 1 here.)

By now, I hope you’ve downloaded the free prayer calendar and have printed it out. Here are a couple extra tips to help you make the most of it.

1. Keep It Where You’ll See It

This is an obvious point, but it’s actually quite easy to miss. Too often we put things where they “make sense” but that’s not necessarily where we’ll see it.

Folding it and putting it in your Bible isn’t quite as handy as framing it and putting it on the bathroom counter. And remember that you don’t have to just print out one copy. You can print out 10 and place them all over the house!

Here are a few good places to keep one:

  • Bathroom counter
  • Shower (laminated)
  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen counter
  • Workout machine
  • Car dashboard

2. Scripture Memory

There is a verse (or 2) listed for each day. What a great way to incorporate scripture memory into your life. It can even be something you do as a family.

Write the verse out on a notecard and place it by your prayer calendar. You could learn a new verse each week or each month.

3. Discussion Points With Your Children

My 7 year old often gets ready with me in the morning. She’ll stand there, stare at the calendar and then ask me what the date is today. Then she’ll say something like, “You prayed that I’d be filled with honesty and integrity today. What’s integrity…?”

It’s a wonderful way to start conversation about some of the most important characteristics that I hope to see instilled in my children. I’ve even seen her work a little harder each day to live up to the things she knows her mommy is praying about.

This calendar is such a simple tool, but it’s been extremely effective in my home to nurture my growing habit of daily prayer for my children. I pray it will be effective in your home as well.

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